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In order to test out my abilities in creating a platformer and learn Godot 3.0, I decided to proto-type this megaman-classic-plus-x-like game. 

If you would like to contribute art or music, feel free to PM or e-mail me.  If you would like to work for money on a future project ("Project Omega") please contact me at contact@heartfeltgames.org

Now featuring Chefbot, Usherbot, Maidbot, and Firebot stages!


  • Move left and right:  Arrow Keys or D-pad (no joy-stick support)
  • Jump:  X
  • Shoot:  C
  • Charge for Free Secondary Weapon Use:  Hold C
  • Shoot Secondary Weapon:  V
  • Switch Secondary Weapon:  S & D
  • Dash:  Shift
  • Climb:  Up Arrow

Bugs fixed since initial upload - re-download if you're experiencing them:

Known bugs / issues:

  • IF YOU DOWNLOADED THE GAME ON 3/1/19, UPDATE THE GAME PLEASE.  There was a massive game breaking bug when you exitted a stage after reaching a checkpoint.  This is now fixed.
  • Godot (the game engine) only supports newer graphic chipsets that support GLES 3.0 and higher.  Next Godot release will support older cards with GLES 2.0
  • Bullets go behind ladders
  • Some enemies are still active and shooting from nearby rooms
  • If you pause while charged, you remain in the charged state after unpausing
Also supports controllers.


Trey Cockrell (@Trueyomic)

Music/Sound Effects:


Music and SFX taken from When It Hits the Fan, another Heartfelt Games LLC production


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Alphaman (Windows ver.) 11 MB
Alphaman (Linux ver.) 14 MB
Alphaman (Mac ver.) 26 MB


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Thanks for playing!  Just an fyi, there's a newer version of the game than the one you recorded what has dashing, wall climbing, and bug fixes.

This is a cool game. Runs well. And I loved that boss at the end.

Game crashes; error window lasts for about 2 frames. Could not capture because print screen runs at a lag.

At what point does it crash?

When I click the .exe

Well, I have a new build up that removes some unnecessary files.  Let me know if it still crashes

It works now. Plays a lot like Megaman 1. Might want new stuff to differentiate it.

Thanks for the update!  Yeah, it's just a prototype/game to learn godot and making platformers.  I'll be making a follow up game that's closer to X in features.  Thanks for the input!