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In order to test out my abilities in creating a platformer and learn Godot 3.0-3.1, I decided to proto-type this megaman-classic-plus-x-like game. 

If you would like to contribute art, feel free to PM or e-mail me.  If you would like to work for money on a future project ("Project Omega") please contact me at contact@heartfeltgames.org

Firebot's stage is available for demoing purposes.  Firebot's stage is temporarily unavailable during AGDG demo day.  Instead, enjoy the first of the final stages!

Controls (Can be changed in game):

  • Move left and right:  Arrow Keys or D-pad (no joy-stick support)
  • Jump:  Z
  • Shoot:  X
  • Charge for Free Secondary Weapon Use:  Hold C
  • Shoot Secondary Weapon:  C
  • Switch Secondary Weapon:  A & S
  • Dash:  Shift
  • Climb:  Up Arrow

Bugs fixed since initial upload - re-download if you're experiencing them:

Known bugs / issues:

  • Bullets go behind ladders

Also supports controllers.


Trey Cockrell (@Trueyomic)


Kezia Salmon
Trey Cockrell (only stage select and stage intro themes)

Some Sound Effects taken from When It Hits the Fan, another Heartfelt Games LLC production.


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Alphaman (Windows ver.) 129 MB
Alphaman (Linux ver.) 130 MB
Alphaman (Mac ver.) 132 MB


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Just beat the May 2019 update demo - the music is awesome and I had a lot of fun with it!

I think that firing the charged secondary (special?) shot should cost a little bit of your ammo (or have some penalty of some sort), because I felt overpowered by spamming the charged sword shot. 

The dash-wall-jump feels pretty satisfying too, so great job capturing that from the X series.

Can't wait to see more - and double-tap or (or left trigger?) as a shortcut for dash :)

- Larry


Thanks for playing!  Just an fyi, there's a newer version of the game than the one you recorded what has dashing, wall climbing, and bug fixes.

This is a cool game. Runs well. And I loved that boss at the end.

Game crashes; error window lasts for about 2 frames. Could not capture because print screen runs at a lag.

At what point does it crash?

When I click the .exe

Well, I have a new build up that removes some unnecessary files.  Let me know if it still crashes

It works now. Plays a lot like Megaman 1. Might want new stuff to differentiate it.

Thanks for the update!  Yeah, it's just a prototype/game to learn godot and making platformers.  I'll be making a follow up game that's closer to X in features.  Thanks for the input!