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Just beat the May 2019 update demo - the music is awesome and I had a lot of fun with it!

I think that firing the charged secondary (special?) shot should cost a little bit of your ammo (or have some penalty of some sort), because I felt overpowered by spamming the charged sword shot. 

The dash-wall-jump feels pretty satisfying too, so great job capturing that from the X series.

Can't wait to see more - and double-tap or (or left trigger?) as a shortcut for dash :)

- Larry


Thanks for playing!  Just an fyi, there's a newer version of the game than the one you recorded what has dashing, wall climbing, and bug fixes.

This is a cool game. Runs well. And I loved that boss at the end.

Game crashes; error window lasts for about 2 frames. Could not capture because print screen runs at a lag.

At what point does it crash?

When I click the .exe

Well, I have a new build up that removes some unnecessary files.  Let me know if it still crashes

It works now. Plays a lot like Megaman 1. Might want new stuff to differentiate it.

Thanks for the update!  Yeah, it's just a prototype/game to learn godot and making platformers.  I'll be making a follow up game that's closer to X in features.  Thanks for the input!