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When It Hits the Fan is a 2D action arcade game featuring 2-player local co-op. Four apocalypses (zombies, robots, demons, and aliens) are all wrecking havok on Earth at the same time and it's up to you as the Mercenary Twins to mow them down before they can destroy the Earth!

This is an alpha version of the game. Expect minor bugs and graphical issues.

Available on PC/Mac/Linux and soon, arcade machines!

Also now on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/heartfeltgames

If you wish to follow development here are the current available social media sites currently used:

Website: http://www.heartfeltgames.org
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/trueyomic
Tumblr: http://trueyomic.tumblr.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/heartfeltgames
IndieDB: http://www.indiedb.com/games/when-it-hits-the-fan
TIGsource: http://forums.tigsource.com/index.php?topic=48698.0

* Available levels in the demo:

City: Stage 1, Bonus 1
Laboratory: Stage 1, Bonus 1
Hell: Stage 1, Bonus 1

Not available in demo: City 2 and 3, Lab 2 and 3, Hell 2 and 3, Alien Spaceship 1, bonus, 2, and 3.

--if you find a crashing bug while using debug.bat (located in the All Platforms download), please send the contents of debug.txt to support@heartfeltgames.org

Version 0.7.0a Features/Bug fixes:

*f Demon boss and thus Hell is 100% finished!
*f All Alien stages are done except the boss.  Full beta testing soon!
*f Assigned a ton of new sound effects

*b Cancel button no logger triggers buttonPressed
*b Sound effect now plays each time you adjust the sfx volume
*f slimes now don't split on death, but fire another round of bullets
*f changed enemy placement in lab 1 a bit
*b corrected flamethrower turret sfx
*b if robot dies while charging, stop only that robot's sound effect
*b player now dies if you get run over by the zombie tank boss (not available in demo)
*b if enemy drops laser canon, it not longer drops with the graphic of an animated player's canon
*b fixed ArcadeController issues
*b controller bug - after quitting the game and starting again, if you tried to pause the game it quit instead.  Fixed
*b First Gamepad option when using a controller is default highlighted option now
*b highlight City as default after Singleplayer/Multiplayer prompt
*b mouse pointer showing while using controller
*b mouse pointer continues to show if kb player dies
*b Major optimizations.  Rejoice!
*b made buttons show above corpses
*g made buttons that are pressed down more obvious that they were pressed
*b Aliens firing before they have seen the player

Version 0.6.1a Bug Fixes:

*b fixed a crashing bug caused by killing teleporting imps

Version 0.6.0.a Bug Fixes/Features Added:

*f Laboritory glass is now breakable but...
*f Alien Babies may now spawn and attack players breaking the glass
*f Kill Combo Counter Active!
*f regular enemies can drop weapons
*f slimes now shoot in all directions INCLUDING straight towards player
*f lab glass has random durability
*f boss2 functionally done
*f You may now pause the game with Esc or start on a controller
*g shadows added on the walls
*g Roaches are now easier to see
*g The Lab is now darker so you can see the player, enemies, and bullets more easily
*g It is now easier to tell if a spawner is dead
*b When a Desktop player gets a gameover, restart them at the beginning of the stage
*b When Demon pitchfork is reflected, rotate the bullet by 180 degrees
*b spawners weren't able to be hit in bonus stage after regenerating
*b if player has a chainsaw and isShooting, don't pickup weapons
*b when a minebot dies, destroy any mines that are under it when it dies
*b sound effects are now loaded with an AssetManager
*b gameover should show earlier than it originally did
*b changed blue alien firing pattern
*b change alien shot to large red bullet
*b resolution issues fixed
*b Smoother movement upon coming back to life after dying
*b if you pause the game then resize the window, camera goes to 0,0 on the map
*b if aliencannon dies the laser cloud doesn't die

Version 0.4.3a Bug Fixes/Features Added:

*f give player 1up for beating bonus level
*b rebalance the laser cannon (less charge time; less bullets)
*f added devil pitchfork enemy
*f laser cannon beam no longer goes through solid objects
*b improved player laser cannon animation
*b laser cannon beam animation is now smooth af
*b turrets, tank turrets, and devil now use rotateTowards() instead of setRotation for more natural player focus
*f LavaSpitter added
*b robot, tankhead, and lava spitter have better looking bullet animations
*b slowed down enemy bullet speeds for easier dodging and so more can eventually be on the screen
*b shotgun does 1.5 damage instead of 1 per bullet
*b allowed enemies to continue acting while the players are dead
*f added TurretFlamethrower alternate enemy
*f added HoverBulletStorm (black bot) alternate enemy
*f added red imp that teleports when hit
*f added blue alien that shoots blue bullets which follow the aggrod player for a few seconds before disappearing
*f allowed blue aliens to spawn from alien spawners
*f new mobs added to spawners, max limit given to "Special/harder" mobs
*f change turret and tank turret bullets to red orbs
*f make tankhead bullet larger
*f changed zombie tank boss behavior, added phases
*f make boss go into final phase if under certain amount of hp
*f make boss flash red at half hp, and flash faster at 1/4 hp
*b get rid of mines right before demon spawners in stage 1
*b buff grenade launcher damage like shotgun, feels too weak esp agains robots/turrets (except against bosses)
*b reduced player's hitbox a bit and centered it
*f 1up swap graphics between p1 and p2 if both are active or stay as p2 if only p2 is active
*g animate players walking
*b make enemies stop following player when their rects are together so they stop spazzing
*f Enemies slide back when they die now
*f Dead enemies now go darker so it's easier to see live ones
*f gave machinegun and handgun random offset for accuracy changes
*f show gun hit on enemy
*b nearest filter on everything always, title screen is less blurry because of it
*g make handgun, double handgun, machinegun, and shotgun muzzle flash bigger
*g increase impact hit size
*f Combo system added


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Really fun, nice game!