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When you get in a fight at your old school defending a monster person from being bullied your school's "no tolerance" policy comes into play.  Your parents decide to send you to a private Catholic high school, but it seems things are different in the private schools.

Monster people are still not very accepted in the public very well, but they seem to fit right in within niche communities like St. Thomas Aquinas High School.

Begin a new school year and make friends (and even more) with the local monster girls including:

  • Sera the preppy harpy cheerleader
  • Wren the tomboyish dragon girl
  • Clover the lazy and nerdy slime girl
  • Eva the bratty but religious succubus
  • Aria the punk rockin' half-vampire day walker

Along with a cast of other students and faculty members, you're sure to have a unique experience with this Catholic Christian perspective on monster people and their relation to the world at large.

Follow development on Twitter at https://www.twitter.com/WholesomeMGA

A private demo is available for select individuals for now.  A public demo will be made available when all temporary assets are replaced and any necessary edits to the script have been done.

All current screenshots and the game itself are using temporary assets including unfinished character sprite, temporary backgrounds, default GUI, etc.  All of this will be replaced so keep this in mind when reading and judging from screenshots.

Version changes:

0.2.0a (Major):
/*w Made the common route more linear so readers will experience most things with most characters in order to get to know them better
/*g All finalized character sprites are now in game
/*g Sprites that didn't appear to be talking while their character was actually talking have now been changed to make more sense
* Most backgrounds are still mostly placeholders while they are being commissioned
* Added new placeholder background for the inside of the gym
* Making use of layered images to display sprites to save a little on file space
/*g Updated the saving/loading screen GUI a bit
/*g Added Eva's full sprite and emotes in game
/*g Added Clover's full sprite and emotes in game

/*b fixed a LOT of typos - thanks text to speech...
/*g added custom exit and confirm screen

/*b fixed a typo
/*g added alpha to textbox and textbox elements like buttons
/*g added text outline styles
/*b reorganized "nvl" text in the intro to take into account the next text size
/*g Made character portraits larger so they look closer to the screen
/*w Added some dialog for clarity minor corrections

Updated 18 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 3.5 out of 5 stars
(20 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel, Interactive Fiction
TagsAnime, catholic, christian, Dating Sim, religion, Romance, Sci-fi, Story Rich
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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Version 9
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Yo man I remember seeing the art for these girls forever ago and always wondered to myself what became of the project. Awesome to run into it again and see that things are going well! 

I look forward to following this as it develops now that I know where to check in. 

Glad to see you found it again!  It also has a Steam page if you're in the habit of following via wishlist.  If not, I'll still be updating here just as often!


The background in this game and the Catholic Church might be a little too… optimistic, especially historically, for my blood to continue much further but I can at least respect the effort involved.


Understandable!  Aria, one of the characters has certain views about the history of the Church as well.  Consider going down her route once it's out if you want to see how I resolve that issue.  Otherwise, feel free to petition me for questions or accusations against the Church and I'll do my best to answer them honestly!


I know it's a bit weird based on the name of the game but... Damiean. best girl


Damien is indeed a good monster boy!  Males are often "best girl" in some VNs.  Kyousuke from Little Busters for instance lol

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I was utterly confused by this entire game’s description at first, but a thought has made me want to try this game out for real.

As a Christian myself, I usually pass on these “monster girl” virtual novel games (Gamuzumi titles come to mind - if you own a Nintendo Switch, you know what I’m talking about), but when I saw the words “wholesome” and “Catholic”, I just had to see this for myself.

Now I am a bit intrigued. When a creature we know is a DEMON gets reformed and sent to Catholic school, the initial thought of “That CAN’T be true!” was replaced with “What if it was, though?” after considering that angels (even fallen ones) can have free will of their own, as well as people.

While I’m not a Catholic, I’m willing to give this game a try based on my first impressions.


I'm glad you're intrigued!  Just a clarification though, Eva is a succubus and not a demon in the true (or original succubus lore) sense.  Demons theologically cannot be reformed so these monster people had to come from somewhere else...  Guess you'll have to discover that in the full version when it's done :)


should really let you choose your own name instead of defaulting to Gabriel


You don't see many Catholic centered games, let alone a monster game. This looks really promising!

Please put it on Android.

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I hope kisses are wholesome enough for the game to have kissing CGs.


The art style and character designs are fantastic! I will look forward to this being complete someday!

Also, this is just a fantastic idea for a character:

"Eva the bratty but religious succubus"


super cute art style


Man, that character design is awesome!


nice work well done